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6 Habits Humphrey Yang Used to Make $100K by 26

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These habits could improve your finances and your quality of life.

Key points

  • Humphrey Yang recently shared the habits that have brought him financial success.
  • He likes to use time blocking to set up his schedule, journaling to write down goals, and regular reflection to think about big picture strategies.
  • There are several other great habits he has that have helped him as an entrepreneur.

Financial influencer Humphrey Yang says that when he was 22, he made $40,000 per year working in customer support. Four years later, he made six figures, and he believes there were six key habits that helped him do it.

Yang shared his six habits in a recent video where he provides some excellent and unique advice. Whether your goal is to get better at personal financereduce stress, improve your time management, or all of the above, these habits could help.

1. Time blocking

Time blocking is popular time management practice. It’s been used by many top performers such as modern CEOs, and goes as far back as Founding Father Benjamin Franklin.

The idea is that you block off time in your daily schedule and assign it to specific tasks. Here’s a basic example of time blocking in action:

  • Work on a project from 9 am to 12 pm
  • Respond to emails and messages from 12 pm to 1 pm
  • Conduct meetings from 1 pm to 4 pm
  • Prep for the next day from 4 pm to 5 pm

Not everyone can fully commit to time blocking. Maybe you get time-sensitive Slack messages often, in which case it’s probably not a good idea to only respond during a single hour of each day. But this technique is good for improving efficiency. When you assign time to a specific task, it can really help you lock in on what you’re doing.

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2. Journaling

Yang says he has been journaling two to three times a week since he was a teenager. He believes this habit can help you with your goals and your mental clarity, and there’s data to support those benefits:

  • People who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them, according to a study by Dr. Gail Matthews. Success rates were even higher among those who also shared their goals and their progress with another person.
  • Multiple studies have found that journaling can help reduce stress and anxiety.

3. Dipping your toes

Although Yang had a full-time job, he knew that he wanted to be an entrepreneur. The way he achieved this was by taking small, calculated risks. He saved a portion of his income to put toward projects, and he tried launching business ventures on the side. His first attempt, an app in which he invested $5,000, didn’t work out. Even though it failed, he considered it a learning experience.

Most entrepreneurs and small business owners take this approach. They have a stable source of income, and they build their businesses on the side. This is smart because you can explore potential opportunities without taking on too much risk. Consider doing what Yang did by setting up a savings account specifically for future ventures that are important to you. That could be money you use to launch a business or pay for training that improves your skills.

4. Everyone’s an NPC

NPC is a gaming term that’s short for non-player character. The message here is that you shouldn’t worry about what others are thinking or let them affect your decisions. You’re the one in control of your life. Everyone else is — you guessed it — an NPC.

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Yang brings up that many people are hesitant to start something new because of what their friends, family, and the rest of the world might think. Feeling self-conscious is normal, but it can also hold you back in life. And despite what any troublesome voice in your head might tell you, the truth is that people are typically focused on themselves, not criticizing your every move.

5. There’s no perfect time

By Yang’s own admission, he spent several years as a wannapreneur. That’s someone who really wants to be an entrepreneur, and probably does plenty of research on it, but never actually takes action. They’re forever waiting for their moment.

Paul Ponna, CEO of multiple startups, has found that there are usually three main issues for wantrepreneurs. Here’s what they are and some good recommendations from Yang on dealing with them:

  • Fear of failure: People often second guess themselves because they’re worried about failure. Yang dealt with this issue, but now he has the mindset that every failure gets you closer to success.
  • Laziness: Everyone deals with this to some extent. Instead of pushing yourself to do it all, aim to accomplish something towards your goals every day, even if it’s something small. This way, you build consistency and momentum.
  • Lack of motivation: This is often due to a lack of goals. If you’re not feeling motivated, spend time setting clear goals for yourself. Once you have clear goals, motivation comes naturally.

6. Take time to reflect

The final habit is one that a lot of people neglect. Set aside time to slow down, disconnect, and reflect on your life and your goals. It’s important to do this to recharge your batteries, so to speak, and to take a big picture perspective of your plans.

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When you have a routine, the days can all start to blend together. Most of us have probably experienced that before. This is normal, but make sure to schedule time to reflect regularly.

These habits have clearly had a positive impact for Yang, and they can do the same for you. Give them a try and see which ones work for you.

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